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General Assembly

Web Development Immersive Course
January 2019 - April 2019

- Group-based weeklong projects building applications, gained cooperative skills working in teams as well as project managing in an agile environment.
- Learnt fundamentals of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python as well as SQL and MongoDB.

Get In LTD

Senior Publicist
May 2015 - January 2019

- International Press Manager for Ultra Europe Festival 2016- 2019, 150,000 capacity festival in Croatia
- Created detailed press campaigns, garnering coverage in reputable print media outlets such as Evening Standard, Billboard and Computer Music
- Sourced new PR business via meetings, acquiring contacts and working on international press campaigns
- Fully independent PR agent with a rolling roster of 5+ clients per month
- Spearheaded album, single and tour press campaigns for international artists, labels and clubs
- Created international press opportunities in over 40 countries for touring artists – strategising with managers, label reps and marketing coordinators

Bade Records

November 2013 - Present

- Set up Company in 2013, International Artist & Repertoire, Online Music Promotion
- Part-Time Role
- Acknowledged by key figures in the Underground Music Industry
- 12 House/Techno records released to date
- Hosted events ranging from 150 person venues to 1000 capacity venues, shows in France, London and Manchester
- Booked artists, arranged transport, ticketing, budgets and timings


Hi, I'm Henry, a Full-Stack Web Developer based in London.

My previous role as a music publicist gave me huge insight into the world of client based project management and team coordination, both locally and internationally. Over the course of three years, I connected artists and festivals with journalists worldwide, creating profile pieces and magazine features to be delivered on strict timeframes.

Moving into web development was a natural progression for me. I have always had a keen interest in technology and working out new software in my spare time. I’ve taught myself Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro and have used these skills extensively in my director role at Bade Records. I wanted to link my passion for tech with my ability to learn new skills, and the WDI course at General Assembly was the next logical step in my career.